Welcome to RiLEY CREEK FARMS just outside rugged Lillooet, British Columbia in the SLRD. We are a family farm that grows small harvests of PACS certified organic macintosh apples and other produce as well as raising several species of exotic animals (Learn more about our animals at www.cedarfallsexotics.com). Thanks for visiting our website and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in ordering.

Our Farm is just outside of Lillooet, BC in the SLRD on a beautiful acreage at the base of Mt. Brew, a 10,000 ft mountain. Water flows from the glaciers of Mt.Brew all the way down to the creek that runs along our farm called 'RiLEY CREEK', hence the name of our farm. This water is used to produce our certified organic apple cider.

'Cedar Falls' was a name left on a rustic wooden sign by previous owners. The name has stuck due to the numerous cedars lining the creek which are not common in this dry area as well as the seasonal water fall that flows in the spring.

Our organic apple orchard in the front and at the back of our property produces a small but quality harvest each year of certified organic macintosh apples that are sold locally.

Barrel Aged Apple Brandy is distilled from our apples by Pemberton Distillery.
Visit them at www.pembertondistillery.ca

More about us coming soon.

Please contact us at the information to the right, Thank-you.